What You Have Todo if a Brute Force Attacking Your WordPress Sites

One of my server had cpu outage last week because of a script repeating to access wp-login.php file with hundreds of request per minute.

if you do tail -f access.log it will return repeating requests

I will share my steps to recover it;

First thing todo is to block any access to wp-login.php to block the script running query that eat cpu resources.
Block wp-login.php from apache configuration. Add below lines to the bottom of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

Then restart apache

Now all access to wp-login.php will be blocked, tail -f error.log will return message like:

The log above shows which site is being attacked by the bot script. Now you can setup a .htaccess script to protect wp-login.php for the site, I wrote about this few days ago.

Once the .htaccess setup, you can delete the wp-login.php blocking command on apache.conf and restart the apache.

Another alternative to protect your wp-login.php is to use plugin, there are several plugins to protect your wp-login.php being attacked, one of my favorite is BruteProtect.

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