Redirect From Old URL to New URL Format in WordPress

Working on redirect from old URLs to the new one in WordPress is quite simple, this technique is useful to keep the traffic going to the correct post if you have changed your URL. Here are steps on how to set up a redirect with simple REGEX command to bulk redirect posts to new URLs.

How to Encrypt Your External Disk in Windows 10

Yes, You need to protect your personal or confidential data such as family photos, personal document files, company documents, etc. just in case if you lost your device or stolen, the data will be safe. In this article, I will show you how to encrypt the external disk in Windows 10.

There are many methods and software that offer this feature, but do you know that Windows 10 has its own disk-encryption software?

How to Apply HTTPS / SSL Easy Way in WordPress

SSL is a secured connection between the browser and the web server, nowadays, become important both for security or SEO. This post will guide you that switching to https is easy in WordPress.

How To Enable Android Virtual Devices under AMD Ryzen

I recently upgraded my PC and switched to the AMD processor, Ryzen 5. I was impressed with the performance so far until I had to install Android Studio to get the Android Virtual Device running for one of my projects.

To use Android Virtual Device, installing HaXM is required to accelerate the rendering process for the Virtual Devices running smoothly. The bad news is HaXM is required an Intel processor to run.

Free WordPress Theme: Gracilis Hotel

Gracilis Hotel is a WordPress theme specifically to build a website for Hotels. It is free and easy to use with many premium features. Check it out!