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How to Import and Use Elementor Website Kit

Last Updated: September 1, 2023 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Elementor has become so popular recently. It is an intuitive, straightforward, and fun plugin to build websites. I also designed and shared some of my work using Elementor as a website kit.

A website kit is a bundle or package of many-page templates and sections bundled into one package. Envato introduced this method, but since version 3.2, Elementor has also introduced its native export and import tool.

Setting Up Elementor for Import

To produce fast and effective code, our Template Kit mostly relies on the latest layout method. Before we import the Template Kit, a few things need to be activated manually in the elementor settings. Go to Elementor > Settings and activate the following features: Flexbox Container, Grid Container, Nested Elements.

Then save the settings.

Using Elementor Website Kit Import

In Elementor 3.7, the Website Kit import has been dramatically enhanced; you can now import or export all aspects of an Elementor site, such as templates, sections, pages, global settings, etc.

Simply go to Elementor > Tools select the Import/Export Kit tab, click “Start Import” button.

The next screen will ask you to upload your available template kit to import.

Select the Elementor Kit file in zip. After the file is uploaded, you will be asked for plugin requirements. Select the plugins you want to automatically install during the import process. Click next.

Next screen you will be prompted elements to import.

Click Import to proceed. And Elementor will scan and proceed with the import.

The Import is done:

The import process is done. Now, you can start editing the content and images to suit your needs.

What’s Next?

All pages, navigations, templates, and sections imported are now available in the library. You can edit the imported pages to suit your needs or design a new page and add imported sections or templates.

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