How to Import Elementor Template Kit

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Last Updated: May 4, 2021 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Elementor became so popular recently, it really easy and fun plugin to use to build websites. I also designed and share some of my works using Elementor as a template kit.

Template kit is a bundle/package of many page templates and sections bundled into one package, this method introduced by Envato, even they are also provided the plugin to export and import the templates and sections into a single package.

Using Elementor Template Kit Import

This feature will only available in Elementor 3.2, so be sure to upgrade the plugin before we proceed.

Activate the Feature

Currently, this cool feature is still in Alpha stage, so you need to activate this feature from Elementor > Settings, then choose the Experiments Tab. Scroll down, then change the Import Export Template Kit to Active state then hit Save Changes.

Do the Import

To start the Import using Elementor Impor Export Template Kit, go to Tools > Import / Export Kit to start Import click on the Start Import button.

Then, you can start to upload the kit in zip file, using the upload interface:

Using Envato Template Kit Import

Install the plugin

To import template kit to your site, you need to install the plugin: Template Kit – Import.

Go to Plugins, then Add New, then type in the search field: “Template Kit – Import“.

Click Install Now then, Activate. Then, go to Tools, then Template Kit

Click on Upload Template Kit ZIP File

Then upload the previously downloaded ZIP file; browse the file or just do the drag n drop into the box. Then you will be presented the next screen.

Next, is to click the green button “Import Template” to start migrating the template from Envato plugin into Elementor.

Awesome! Now you can start using your new template inside Elementor.

Requirement Notification

If a notification prompted after you import a template like below:

Just click on the “Install Requirements” and it will pop you a new modal screen, and click “Install Above Selected Requirements” and all set!

Have fun!

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