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How to Setup Email Forwarding With CloudFlare

Last Updated: August 26, 2023 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

I have a lot of domains and am getting tired of dealing with email addresses for each one. It is difficult to catch every email address with multiple inboxes and accounts. By forwarding emails from different domains to the same email address, this can be simplified. To enable this feature, you must direct the MX record to a provider that supports it.

CloudFlare Email Forwarding

You can make this process easier if your domain is managed by the Cloudflare platform. Cloudflare’s platform includes free email forwarding.

Go to Websites > Select Domain, and you will see the Email feature on the left side menu.

Next, you will be brought to the Email Routing page and presented with the option to update or change the MX records to use Cloudflare MX record settings.

Click “Add records and enable“. Go to “Routes” tab and add email address you want to forward to your primary email, by clicking “Create Address“.

Add email address of your domain and add the destination email address, and click save.

Now any emails that are sent to custom address will be forwarded to destination email address, in my example above, [email protected] will be forwarded to [email protected].

MX Records Conflict

If your email is currently hosted elsewhere, such as on Google, you cannot use this feature and must use the forwarding email from Google instead. Or, if you want to switch to Cloudflare, you must remove or delete the existing MX Record.

Be aware, that changing these records could cause the email to stop working.

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