My Jumpshots

I love sports, even if I got a busy week there's always time to do some light exercise by myself; jogging, rope-skypping, weight-training, and boxing, just to keep in shape.…

Adding Typekit Font to WordPress Theme

So I decided to use Typekit now. Adding their code to your theme is quite easy. If you like the old-traditional way, you can just copy and paste the code…

Deactivate All Plugins via MySQL Query

Plugins can ruin your day, especially if one of your plugin triggered some error reactions. One thing in mind, turn off Plugins to easily trace the error's source. Open up…

WordPress 3.7 Beta 1 Released

Last night Andrew Nacin, Wordpress Lead Developer, published Wordpress 3.7 beta 1 for public testing. You should test and give it a try. Download it now.

Upgraded to iOS 7

Got update notification today, and finally upgraded to iOS 7. Looks nice so far. What do you think?