Move From Norton Internet Security to Norton 360

Recently Symantec has cutted off their protection products into two, Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup. All products seems bundled into one app, so they have less products now. But the more you’ll get the more price you pay, Norton Security costs you $79 (Promo Price) $49/year to subscribe. In my opinion that’s quite expensive for personal use.

I’ve been using Norton Internet Security for about 4 years, it awesomely protects my PC from malware threats all those time.


Recently my subscription are about to end. Luckily for existing user, we still can extend the subscription or to upgrade to another product with special offer. I decided to take the “upgrade” offer and subscribe to Norton 360.


I haven’t anything to say about it yet but based on Tomsguide, this suite is quite impressive. It is not only protect your PC from Malwares but also tune up your PC at it’s best performance.


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