Razer DeathAdder Double-Clicking Issue

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I have two DeathAdder Mice from Razer – DeathAdder 2013 and DeathAdder Chroma Elite, and strangely both mice had the same issue; it resulted in double clicks when you trigger a single click. And I’m pretty sure that the problem is not on the hardware, I’ve had the same issue (which is hardware) in the past and resolved by changing the switch.

Well, after searching the Net and found out that the issue is related to the Firmware, then I updated the firmware and it fixed the issue.

You can get the firmware here, only works on Windows OS:

DeathAdder 2013 (2,4MB)

DeathAdder Chroma (2,4MB)

Disassembly and Repair my Razer Deathadder and Blackwidow

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It’s been almost 3 years of intensive usage, my Razer Deathadder mouse got a ‘double-click’ issue, when I expect a single click, it result double clicks and really annoying. At the same time, my Razer BlackWidow (which is mechanical) keys need few switch to be replaced, so I tried to fix them both.

Disassembly Gallery

Actually it’s quite fun to fix the pheripherals by self, the Deathadder now running smoothly, and so does my BlackWidow keyboard. Here’s some images taken during the process.