Lebron 12 Low Released

I’m a fan of Lebron Low series, my last Lebron low is Lebron X, it perfectly fit my feet. Nice ankle support, comfort cushion, great traction. I have couple shoes on the shelve, but Lebron X Low is on my top of the list.

Lebron 12 Low released yesterday on US retail stores, it seems promising, I should get a pair.


Nike Kyrie 1 Launched Yesterday

Nike launched Nike Kyrie 1 as their latest player series for Kyrie Irving. It's a nice and simple shoe in my opinion. The shoe will available on the market at the end…

My Daily Life

I have a fun life regarding a freelance worker, in fact, I can manage my own time, doing chores, family, business, works, and hobby. Every minute is so precious, spend it…

Recents Basket Ball Actions

I usually a small forward, but sometimes a power forward or center. Here's my recent s basket ball actions. youtu.be/Ah2OZtaxpxI

My Jumpshots

I love sports, even if I got a busy week there's always time to do some light exercise by myself; jogging, rope-skypping, weight-training, and boxing, just to keep in shape.…