How to Solve PPTP VPN on Mac OS Sierra, Catalina and BigSur

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Last Updated: March 31, 2021 | Reading Time: < 1 minute

I didn’t realize it at first, but when I need it, I realize it gone.

For security reason, PPTP VPN connection eliminated on the latest Mac OS started from Sierra. There is no way Apple will bring it back, but fortunately, there’s an App for that. I recently evaluating a VPN client for Mac that supports PPTP and other methods as well.

MacOS BigSur

To connect to the PPTP VPN server under BigSur, you can try to use the VPN Tracker 365 it’s not a cheap solution it cost you about 130$ per year. The PPTP VPN is available under the Pro and VIP package.

MacOS Catalina

Under Catalina, seems there’s a cheaper solution, it costs only $3 per month. You can try the PrimoVPN.

Older version of MacOS

For older MacOS version you can use Shimo VPN. My initial impression Shimo VPN is really easy to use, fast and lightweight.

It costs you $55 for a license, but if you feel that expensive, you can get it cheaper via deals promotion for a limited time. Also, if you feel $55 are costly, you can try to get it from SetApp, a subscription service for many apps at $10 per month.

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