Redirect From Old URL to New URL Format in WordPress

Working on redirect from old URLs to the new one in WordPress is quite simple, this technique is useful to keep the traffic going to the correct post if you have changed your URL. Here are steps on how to set up a redirect with simple REGEX command to bulk redirect posts to new URLs.

How to Apply HTTPS / SSL Easy Way in WordPress

SSL is a secured connection between the browser and the web server, nowadays, become important both for security or SEO. This post will guide you that switching to https is easy in WordPress.

Easy Popup Announcement Updated

Last night, I got some spares to update my simple plugin; Easy Popup Announcement. I added new features: Added close button, Popup padding Option, Added "Latest" and "Randomize Option". Please update your copy…

Contact Referal Plugin Development

I've built few plugins before but never released it for public, so I made up my mind to create a public released plugin under GPL licence.  The plugin called "Contact…