How to Fix Amazfit BIP; Stop Syncing or Can’t Connect With The App

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Last Updated: April 21, 2020 | Reading Time: < 1 minute

It’s been two years since I wore this watch for the first time. I couldn’t turn to any other watches because of the battery life, amazing almost 1,5 months for a single charge. Beside the good of this watch, but rarely there was also bad side.

Stop syncing / can’t connect issue

Few months ago, after had a run, I can’t sync either to connect the watch with the App, I used MiFit at that time. I thought this is it, time to replace the watch. but instead of give up, I’m trying few solution to fix it and it works.

Reconnect the Bluetooth connection

  1. App: Remove your watch from the app.
  2. Watch: Restart the watch, turn it off and turn it on again.
  3. App: Re-add the watch to the app.

I’ve had this issue and simple fix seems work, the watch now can connect to MiFit app.

Factory reset

But at another time I experienced the connection issue, the above steps just couldn’t work. So instead of restarting the watch I do the factory reset.

  1. Watch: Settings > Factory Reset
  2. Wait for a few moments and it will ask you to reconnect to the app.
  3. App: Remove watch connection.
  4. App: Reconnect watch with the app.

If the above steps also not working, you can change the MiFit app to Amazfit App, and repeat the steps above. Don’t worry about losing your previous data because it is synced in the cloud.

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