How to Add SPF Record to Prevent Spamming and Spoofing

Last Updated: June 20, 2020 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Spamming is a super annoying issue, especially if you are worried about the misuse of your domain name by the spoofer. You didn’t send the email, but a program or script can easily add your email address to the “From” field so ordinary people will recognize this email is posted by you (which is you didn’t), at the end of the day, this will affect your domain reputation.

There’s a DNS feature that you can use to prevent this, it is called SPF (Sender Policy Framework). SPF is a line of code that can be added to your domain information, thus mail server can recognize the origin of the email coming from, if the information match it will accept the email, otherwise it will be marked as spam or block it. Here’s the example line of the SPF:

v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all


v define an SPF version.
a and mx define if sender match a and mx record use by this domain.
ip4 define if the sender match with the IP Address.
all define always matches mechanism.
for full explanation please visit openspf.

How to add SPF to CPanel

Adding SPF to CPanel is easy, but make sure you have access to DNS feature, otherwise, please contact your web server hosting support.

Go to Domain” section. Select “Zone Editor”.

Zone Editor in cPanel

Click on the “Add Record” button, and select Add TXT Record from the dropdown.

Add TXT Record

Add the SPF syntax to the TXT Record value, then hit “Add Record”, don’t forget to save the change.

Add SPF value to the record

You can check your domain’s (or others) SPF record by visiting this site.

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