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Gracilis Hotel Theme How-To

Here’s the section that will guide you how to use this theme, note that I will update this Docs overtime. Any questions, drop me a message.

Installing the Theme

  1. Download the Theme.
  2. Login to your /wp-admin and navigate to Appearance > Theme, upload theme.
  3. Activate the theme.

Preparing Content

Here are the list what you have to prepare for the content:

  • Create a list of the room facilities that you provide to your guests, like AC, Type of Bed, Views, etc.
  • Provide descriptions of each room available to hire, prices, also provide a good set of photos, real photos.
  • Create a list and also good photos of your hotel facilities or features that you offer to your guest.
  • Other data such as locations, address, history about the hotel, etc.

Room Facilities

We put this on the first line because the room facilities are important as it will be used as references for Room Type.

  1. Go to Room Facilities > Add New.
  2. Add Room Facility Name, Description, Icon (FontAwesome Icon – See Setup Font Awesome), and Short Description.
  3. Publish.
  4. Repeat to add another room facility as necessary.

Room Type

  1. Go to Rooms > Add New.
  2. Add a title, description, and excerpt — located in document settings bar.
  3. Add Room properties; Rate, Photo Gallery, Booking URL.
  4. Add Room facilities.
  5. Publish.

Hotel Facilities

This section will be higlighted in Homepage.

  1. Go to Hotel Facilities > Add New.
  2. Add Title, Description, and Properties.
  3. Publish.

Set Up Homepage

  1. Add a new page for the homepage. Pages > Add New.
  2. Enter Title.
  3. Assign Homepage Template to the page.
  4. Publish.
  5. Go to Settings > Reading, and set the homepage displays to a static page. Select the Homepage we just created.
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. Now you will have template homepage displayed if you visit your main domain.

Customizing Homepage

Adding Slideshow

  1. Visit your homepage URL.
  2. Click Customize on the top bar menu.
  3. Now you are in Customizer mode. Click Gracilis Options > Slideshow. Upload a few images, re-order by drag and drop.
  4. Add other properties such as Text, CTA, and Overlay color.
  5. Click Publish.

Re-ordering elements on Homepage

  1. Go to homepage section inside the customizer: Gracilis Option > Homepage.
  2. Add a title for Room Section, Facility Section, etc.
  3. Click publish.

Setting up FontAwesome

Gracilis Hotel theme utilize FontAwesome to add Icons with numbers of library. Register your self at FontAwesome, then create a Kit by clicking “New Kit” button.

Follow the steps, and you will get a kit, and Kit ID. The Kit ID is a random number that you will see in the kit card.

The blurred line is where the kit Id located

Copy the Kit ID, and go to Customizer mode > Gracilis Options > Font Awesome, paste the Kit ID and Publish.

Using FontAwesome

To look for an Icon, simply use the “Search Icons” field in FontAwesome website.

After the result returned, click on the available icon. And you will see a class name, copy the class name with prefix “fa-“.

Paste the icon class to FontAwesome Icon field.

There are two type of menus in Gracilis, the main menu, located at the top part or header, and the slide in menu.

The top part menu is a much simpler version of the menu, so it only displaying the most important links. The idea is, to keep the navigation clear and easy.

Main menu for most important links

The slide-in menu is a more complex part of the menu, you can add more menus or links here.

Slide-in to display more menus or links

So start by creating two menus and assign them into the locations