How to Check SSL Version SHA-1 or SHA-256 Using Google Chrome

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Last Updated: December 9, 2014 | Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Few weeks ago I got email from my SSL Certificate Issuer about switching from SHA-1  to SHA-256 (widely known as SHA-2). If you are working with secure protocols or https, you might have to check your SSL and upgrade it. If you are unsure about your currently working version,  here’s how to check it using Google Chrome browser.

Visit your https page, and look over the pad-lock icon on left of the address.

Select Connection tab, Certificate Information, Details Tab.

The Result of New SHA-256 algorithm

Otherwise, if your certificate still using SHA-1 algorithm.

SHA-1 Alogarithm, you should upgrade immediately
SHA-1 , algorithm you should upgrade immediately


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