Add Lightbox Script to Your WordPress Blog

There are bunch of WordPress plugins to handle Lightbox / popup / modal into your blog easily. But doing it manually is always a challenge. I love working with Magnific Popup recently, not just its fast and lightweight script, also it free to use. I also use this script in one of my plugin. Continue reading “Add Lightbox Script to Your WordPress Blog”

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Released “Planalto Lite” WordPress Theme for Free

Update (10/23/2014): I created the demo here. I also submitted to WordPress Theme Directory, still wait for their reviews. Or Visit Planalto Lite page to Download it.

I’m in a middle of rebuilding our old theme but never been published. Here’s how it looks:

The theme was originally designed by Firman W for Wordspop, but then I re-created the theme for a simpler usage. A plugin companion to expand this theme capability is on the way.

For live preview, you can visit my other blog.

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