How to Create Hi Res Favicon For Your WordPress Website

I realized a traditional favicon pixellated when I viewed from a Hi-Res smartphone screens. After googling for a while I found out that .ico file can stores multiple resolution at a file, so it would be practical to apply it.

Create a square image

I suggest to create a 64×64 px or bigger  with PNG file format, although current Hi-Res screens still using  a 32×32 px dimension.


Convert to .ico

There are manual ways to create multiple resolution .ico, as I read it here. But I will go with more practical way, go to Icon Converter website and upload your created .png file.


You will get your favicon.ico file after a successful conversion.

Put it Live

Upload your favicon.ico to your images folder. And put below code before </head> tag on your page.

if you are using WordPress, paste this code to your functions.php file

All done, now go on check your new Web favicon on your high res devices.

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Sync Your Desktop Computer Fonts with Google Fonts using SkyFonts

Tired of manually installing Google Fonts? I bet you’ll love using SkyFonts, a cloud-based font service by Monotype. It actually not only supporting Google Fonts, it also support and

Download the Desktop App, and start adding Google Fonts by Visiting Google Fonts Page choose “SkyFonts” button and start adding any font you like.


It will automatically sync to the desktop app:


SkyFonts supported Windows 64 bits and 32 bits architecture, Mac OSX supported also.

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Random Restart Issue on Windows 8 and 8.1 Pro [Solved]

Update (12/18/2013): I finally replaced the Video Graphic Card with my old stock (Gigabyte nVidia GTS 250). The issue seems solved this time. My Zotac nVidia 650 Ti the culprits, I just bought this card 6 months ago, I should get the replacement.

Update (12/16/2013): After long trial and error (did clean install also), I found out the BSOD happens after NVIDIA Driver installed. Not sure why, but hopefully this is not related to PSU malfunction. Rolling back to old driver now.

Update (12/14/2013): After applied some updates for Win 8.1 pro last night, I’m experiencing the random restart again. The problem seems solved with upgrade the Chipset and SATA driver. Haven’t got any unexpected reboot in two days.

I made upgrade to Windows 8.1 last week. But since then, the Windows keep restarting randomly in time. I checked the log and it shown “kernel-power” issue. I found no malfunction in BIOS, hardwares, and config. But then I suspect the power settings, I figured out on some forums, the “fast-startup” could also be a problem. I decided to deactivate it.


It’s been 24 hours and I don’t get any unexpected reboot again.

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