Another Method to Make Your Link Bold Without Shifting Another Element

Related to my earlier post, here’s another method you can use in your next project ;).

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How to Give Bold on Hover without Shifting another Element

Usually, if you have a navigation menu with “bold” on hover effect, it will shift another menus. To be clear check out the example below:

See the another elements are slightly shifting as you hover one menu. To solve the issue, we can give static width to the list, but how if we want to keep it dynamic?

Take a look at the sample below:

Yes, I utilize the text-shadow to make the font looks bold, without affecting another elements.

Let me know if you have any thought or even another solution.

Update on safari:

Here’s the working method for Safari and Webkit browsers:


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Simple Way to Make Your Embed Video Responsive Using Only CSS

Simple way to make your Embedded video responsive within a minute, is by adding CSS rule:

You can add the code into style.css if you working on WordPress based website.

Targeting Youtube video:

Targeting Vimeo video:

See this demo.

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