How To Adjust WordPress Image Quality

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Got your latest images pixelated after uploading it to WordPress? Yes, that could be irritating especially on Photography sites.  WordPress has a function to adjust the level of the image quality, as described on Developer Code Reference. Here’s how to adjust WordPress image quality.

Simply put this small code to your functions.php

function update_jpeg_quality( $quality, $context ) {
	return 100;
add_filter( 'jpeg_quality', 'update_jpeg_quality' );

Adjust return number to set the level of compression.

100 = No Compression applied. Change it moderate compression about 80. Anything below 80 will make your images looks pixelated but produced a minimum of file size.

Plugin Way

I found a simple and easy plugin to use; Image Quality. Once you activate the plugin go to the Settings > Media and change the quality value for the next uploaded images.

If you want to also apply the change to the previously uploaded media, you can regenerate them by using a plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails.

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