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6 Tips on How to Build and Sell WordPress Themes

Last Updated: October 27, 2022 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you know how to design WordPress themes, you can make some and sell them to earn some pocket money. It is possible to earn a decent income if you can get a lot of copies of your WordPress theme sold. Designing themes is a good option for San Antonio website design companies to diversify their services and earn additional income. The following are six tips on how to build and sell WordPress themes.

Decide the Niche of the WordPress Theme

Firstly, you must decide what niche of WordPress theme you want to sell. You can get some ideas by browsing the categories in the WordPress store. People will only buy your theme if it looks professional. So, try to choose a category that you know how to design. If your theme is good, people will buy it even if there are other competitions. People will eventually find your theme in the search result of the WordPress theme store.

Offer Bonuses to Attract Buyers

You can add some unique features to your theme to make people feel that it is worth it to spend money on your theme. For example, you can include bonus shortcodes, and multiple color schemes/layout options. You only need to provide free shortcodes that are relevant to the theme you are making. You can also advertise that you will provide free services for installing the template and tweaking of the layout for customers who buy the theme.

Make Your Theme Mobile Friendly

A lot of people surf the web on their mobile device. So, when you make a theme to sell, you should consider to optimize it to become mobile-friendly. The theme should appear aesthetic on all sides when viewed in the mobile device. It should incorporate a mobile menu that makes it easy for people to browse your website. If you don’t know how to create a mobile-friendly theme from scratch, you can preinstall a mobile-friendly plugin on your theme.

Make Sure the Theme Code is Neat

When coding the theme, make sure that it is written in a neat structure. You should follow the standard guide on coding the theme as it is a factor used by the search engine to calculate the score of a website. You can install a plugin like Theme Check plugin to check for any flaw in your theme before listing it for sale.

Provide Customizable Theme Options

You should make your theme customizable. People like to be able to customize the theme to match their company brand. For this, you must create a theme options page that allows your customers to customize the appearance of the theme via drop-down menus easily. You should also prepare thorough documentation for customizing the theme.

You can download a documentation template if you don’t know how to write a WordPress theme documentation. You can use a PDF editor like Movavi PDF Editor to prepare the WordPress documentation. You can compile a documentation PDF from scratch by using the additional pages feature. After that, you click on the Text tool in edit mode and draw an editable text box.

Market Your Theme

The last step is to market your theme. You will have to submit your theme for listing in theme marketplaces. ThemeForest and Mojo Themes are the two popular marketplaces to list your theme, but there are a lot of competitions. To increase chances of selling your theme, you can list the theme on the marketplace and also list it on sale in your own website.

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